Brand: Caffe' CialdeItalia
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Capsules Ginseng Sugarless CialdeItalia compatible with all systems Espresso Point capsules with 36mm. In packs of 30pcs.Ingredients: Dehydrated glucose syrup, hydrogenated coconut fats, instant coffee, spices, milk protein, cocoa powder, ginseng powder, stabilizer: E340ii. Emulsifier: E471. It may content trace of GLUTEN and SOYA.Valori Nutrizionali medi per 100g

Energia:1994 KJ/477

Grassi: 24,0g di cui  

acidi grassi saturi: 22,5g

Carboidrati: 56,0g

di cui zuccheri 7,4g

Proteine: 6,3g - Sale: 0,1g 

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